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Charmlet is a division of Inclosed Letterpress Co.

Our Story

We are a family operated letterpress company that helps people stay connected with their friends and loved ones.

Our mission is to keep friendships strong

We believe all friendships need to be celebrated and cherished. At Inclosed, we make it our priority to help you build and maintain friendships with hand-pressed products that won’t break the bank.

Meet Lesley

Owner + Creative Director

A Midwestern mama obsessed with all things paper, homemade salsa, and anything pink! Lesley has 10+ years of experience creating meaningful stationery products to help celebrate friendships and community. When she’s not running a business or heavy machinery, you can find her hanging out with her boys, trying new recipes, or daydreaming about her future A-frame lake house!

A Charming Story

In 2015, Lesley was preparing for The National Stationery Show when she made a last-minute decision to add a few little notepads to her catalog. She was convinced they were going to be the cutest notepads at NSS. She started printing, and, unfortunately, her idea didn’t turn out like she had hoped. Lesley freaked out (right before NSS!) but then she stumbled across some old plates: a little heart, mouth, pineapple, and phone…the lightning bolt hit! So she sat down and started printing. To her surprise, the new little notepads were SO cute! She can still remember saying to herself “hmmm… these look like charms.” And just like that, the Charmpad came into fruition and is Inclosed’s best-selling product!

In 2018, Lesley expanded the Charmpad line and launched Charmlet — a personalized letterpress gift that helps keep friendships strong.

Pressed in the Midwest

Made with Love in Omaha, Nebraska

All of Inclosed’s paper products are locally produced in their family operated printing facility. Each Charmpad is foil printed, one-by-one, by Lesley’s dad on their 1960s Heidelberg. Lesley and her dad have quite the collection of presses, one of which dates back to the mid 19th Century! To learn more about Lesley and her dad, watch the short video below!

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What keeps us going

Promoting intentional human connections

Celebrating happiness and joy in yourself and in others

Encouraging women to embrace their dreams and fears

Always valuing and nurturing relationships near and far

Suggest a Charm!

At Inclosed, we just love coming up with new charm designs for every occasion, holiday, and the everyday moments in life we are proud to celebrate!
Do you have a charm in mind that we do not offer? You can easily email us your suggestions.

“This was the easiest gift to order and send to my girlfriends. They loved getting such a thoughtful and personal surprise in the mail. It made their day!”

Omaha, NE

Let’s totally be friends!

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“I loved sending Charmlets to my closest friends for Christmas. It was easy to pick out each person’s charms to make it personal by remembering special times we spent together during the year! I am already making another list to send more Charmlets for birthdays and other holidays!”

Omaha, NE

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