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How It Works

Make someone’s day in three simple steps

Step One

Select Charmpads that represent your friend’s unique style, personality, and interests. Plant lover? Taco obsessed? Never miss an opportunity to use the poop emoji? Yep, there’s a Charmpad for that!

Step Two

Add a personal touch by choosing a greeting card and crafting your message. Our team will handwrite your special note by hand.

Step Three

Just sit tight! We’ll assemble your Charmlet, package it up neatly, and send it straight to their doorstep.


Omaha, NE

I sent Charmlets to my sisters this Christmas and they absolutely loved them! I was able to pick the perfect charms to match their personalities and they came packaged so adorably I got to skip the wrapping. And Post Office! Double win!

March 6, 2020

Why Send a Charmlet?

Charmlet is a unique, personalized gift idea that goes beyond the flowers and chocolates. Whether you’re celebrating your work BFF’s promotion, reminding a faraway friend that you love them, showing your clients you care, or giving a gift just because, it’ll make their day!

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