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8 Reasons To Give Your Loved Ones Gifts All Year Round

The season of gift-giving might be over, however, that doesn’t mean you’ll never give a gift ever again. People give gifts for so many occasions and reasons; it’s the one thing that is not only rewarding for the person receiving the gift but for the individual giving. Offering gifts can be so rewarding for so many reasons. 



1. To show your love for that person

Giving a gift doesn’t have to be a specific reason. It can be just to show your love for them. Surprising a partner, or a loved one with a gift, not only will bring them joy but can keep that sparkle alive; depending on your relationship with them. That spark can be kept alive in many ways, gift-giving is one of them. It also can indicate that they are on your mind, as the gift can be something you grabbed at the grocery store or clothing store. It’s a way to show your love for them. It can be something you think they’ll like or something that you know they love. Platonic or romantic, at the end of the day, they’ll appreciate it and be grateful for your relationship. 




2. To show you care about that person on their good days

Appreciating life and showing you care is important, not only on bad days but good ones. If your loved one is having a good day, gift-giving is something you can do to not only improve their day but to show you care about them and their day. Did your mom have a long, but productive day doing gardening? Grab some face masks for her and yourself and spend some time with her. Did your significant other present a project at work and nail it? Celebrate it with their favorite food or drink! The options are limitless and the benefits are endless. 



3. To show how proud you are of that person

Words of affirmation and encouragement are part of the five love languages and depending on the person, it could be at the top of their list. You can not only say “I’m proud of you” through words but through a gift. If a loved one accomplishes something rather big in their career or something that was hard for them to do, you can show them how proud you are through a gift. Big or small, they’ll appreciate the sentiment and always remember their accomplishment when looking at the thing or memory you’ve given them.


4. Just because you want to

Just because gifts can become some of the most important gifts; no matter what size or what they are, the impact is memorable. Your partner will be surprised and overjoyed. They’ll love the idea of you thinking of them when seeing the item or experience and it could be a pick me up on a bad or good day, just like we mentioned above. Spreading joy can and will be easy when you grab a gift for your loved one just because.



5. To show how much you appreciate them

Feeling appreciated in any relationship is important and can be shown in many ways. It builds confidence and trust with the person. Giving a gift is a way to show how much you really appreciate all that person does for you. It’s a way to say, “I saw how hard you worked with the kids on their school work and I wanted to give you a spa day to relax” or “I see how much effort you are putting into our relationship, and I appreciate it and you so very much”. It doesn’t have to be anything big. At the end of the day, the receiver will love the idea and feel rewarded and appreciated for their hard work.



6. To show you care for them, even when they are feeling down

Life, in general, gets hard. Especially during a pandemic!

Whether it’s an illness or even just a bad day, every day is different and people are generally expected to roll with the punches. When someone is having a rough go, loved ones generally send cards, food, or flowers. It’s a way to reach out, without texting them or sending a message on social media. It’s a way of saying, “We are thinking of you, love you, and care for you”, without actually saying it.



7. It will make them happy

The little things spark joy and gift-giving isn’t an exception to that. We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve received a gift and it has made us feel bubbly and happy. It’s always very kind of person giving to do so and sweet of them to be thinking of you. You don’t ever expect someone to give you much or anything and it’s an indicator that the individual giving it to you enjoys you and cares about you. It makes you take a step back and feel a specific type of way, where you appreciate the individual and your friendship/relationship even more; that’s important and a good feeling to have. 



8. It will make you happy

It really is the simple things in life that can bring you joy, like seeing others happy. Not only is giving a gift rewarding for the person receiving, but it is for the giver as well. You feel validated in your gift-giving when you see the person happy, as well as happy that they’re happy. As far as we’re concerned, that’s a win-win situation. 

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