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5 Ways to Tell your Best Friends You Love Them

Your best friends should be celebrated often and fully. They have held your hand through the good, gave you tough love when you needed it, and they were always there to crack a joke when it was needed. They’re the hype girls that you never thought you needed, the life coach you thought you’d never have, and the support and the people you can always depend on. 

With International Best Friends’ Day coming up, we all might need some inspiration on what to get the leading ladies in your life; shopping for friends can be difficult, no matter the age. Here’s what we, at Charmlet, are thinking of getting our gal pals. 

  1. Whatever you choose, send a card along the way. With Charmlet at your side, we will not only help you make whatever you choose as your gift extra special but make it a little easier for you. With cards that are able to be tailored to whoever you’re giving to, it’s something that you can put your personal touch on while not spending a pretty penny.

  2. Grab them a new candle. So many of us love a comfortable home; add to that comfort with a new candle from Wax Buffalo. Locally owned, it’s the gift that keeps giving. Wax Buffalo has a wide selection of candles, and even offers a candle pouring class.  Give your gal pals the gift that keeps giving, and an experience all in one.

  3. Their favorite coffee blend from the Mill. Does anyone else have a friend who is a connoisseur of all things coffee? My best friend loves her daily cup(s) of Joe in the morning and I know she’d appreciate some more bags of freshly ground coffee to add to her collection. At the Mill, all coffee is freshly ground and ethically sourced. With a vast selection and the ability to order online and ship to home, you can’t and won’t go wrong. Add a signature cup or t-shirt to your order!

  4. Give the gift of an experience. Who doesn’t love a little bit of local history, mixed with a little bit of fun? Located in Lincoln, learn about the town with a tour of Robber’s Cave. Used as Lincoln’s first brewery, Coxey’s Army, it’s something that the whole friend group can find interest in. Robber’s Cave is older than the city of Lincoln, and its tunnels are no longer sealed from the public. Also a venue, you can book a post-tour celebration for your friendship.

  5. Host a picnic in their honor. Spending time as a friend group together is something everyone cherishes. With COVID, it’s possible you haven’t been able to do so, and to be honest with you, it’s something that I have found, at least with my friends, they will never say no to; quality time with the girls who make them. It’s something I have found my friends don’t get tired of or enough of. Grab a bottle of their favorite wine from James Arthur Vineyard, some of their favorite foods and snacks, their favorite people and celebrate. 

Big or small, no matter what you give your friends, they will love it as it’s from you. Just don’t forget to give them the gift of a Charmlet with it.


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