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The Best Gifts for National Siblings Day

After all that your sisters have experienced together – birthdays, milestones, family vacation, anniversaries, and late-night drives through the city – you definitely want to find them the perfect gift for National Siblings Day, April 10th. No matter what, shopping for siblings can be hard as we are all constantly evolving for the better. It’s also hard because some of us weren’t given sisters by blood, but we have chosen sisters – friends or cousins who have turned into the sisters we never had. Here’s what we, at Charmlet, are considering getting our sisters, related or not, for the special day honoring them. 


Personalized Card Set

Personalized gifts are not only unique but offer more due to them being specific to the person being gifted. Personalized card sets are perfect for the siblings who don’t have time to run to the store for a thank you card, or for siblings who love unique and easy ways to give thanks or send warm thoughts. At Charmlet, you can personalize your gift set for your loved ones so that it not only represents them but shows them how well you know them. 


Candles, with their favorite scent

At Wax Buffalo, you can get 9 oz candles of your siblings’ favorite scents for under $25. Scents range from the classics to the spring collection, like lavender, hummingbird, and willow tree. You can even gift them the option of taking a candle pouring class or gift card. 

A box of chocolates

Who doesn’t love chocolate?! Handmade in Lincoln, NE, you can get bonbons, sea salt caramel, toffee, and bars all made by hand and fresh at Lulubee Artisanal Chocolates. With dreamy flavors like blueberry crisp, turtle square, white chocolate raspberry and so much more, we don’t know why you wouldn’t grab your sister (and yourself) a box of these delicious desserts from a woman-owned and run business. 

Handmade soap

If you have a sister who loves to know what goes in the products she uses, this might be the option for you! At Aria Rose Bath Company, every product is made with you in mind. From handmade soap to earrings and candles, the options are endless and uniquely made. We recommend candles and any home products!

Skincare products

Skincare is forever changing whether it be due to trends or your age! What you put on your skin is important and in shopping with Amy Nelson through Beautycounter, what you buy is what you get. They have banned over 1800 chemicals from their products to ensure that what they sell is true to their brand; clean, ethical, and healthy for you. 


An aesthetic touch-up

Celebrate your sis with a botox party or an individual treatment for her through Ageless Skincare Company. The aesthetics-focused company specializes in botox, fillers, and VI peels; the options are endless and there really is no shame in getting touched up! 

When finding the perfect gift for your sister, remember: no matter how big or small your gift is, they will love the idea and thought put into it. It really is the thought that counts.


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